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Time to nurture your new talent into the leaders of the future

  • Is there a disconnect between your more experienced employees and your newer, non-experienced members of your teams? 
  • Have you noticed that the performance of your newer members is less than you had expected based on their enthusiasm at interview?
  • Your employees have voiced concern around showing weakness and are not asking for help and support for fear of looking “unprofessional”? 

For many new employees, it's a huge culture shock from learning about a subject to working within that field. 

Cultivate will nurture and empower your newer members of the team, essentially accelerating their work experience and ability to operate at a higher level. 

The value of ACCELERATE is:

Greater Employee Retention

Through supporting personal and career development. 

Because typically new employees channel their energies towards meaningful action; aligning career choices with their values. 

Realising Potential

Helps learners feel settled and supported through a network of coaches and peers reinforcing the carefully sequenced programme of learning modules.

Giving them the ability to realise the potential you see in them.

Accelerated Nurturing

With this 12 month programme, your people will have the support and experience normally gained over many years, to reach optimal performance. 

Decreasing the time it takes for the investment in your people to come to fruition. 

Take your leadership development to the next level with this blended programme with residential and online modules. 

During this time, your employees will be supported through a 12-month programme of ongoing development. Your people will use their learning to experiment with new behaviours back in the workplace in real time. The feedback and support from their Coach and Peer network will enable them to perfect their approach and gain confidence.

Programme Outline  



- 1h session with sponsoring partners

RESIDENTIAL 1 (2 days)

- Working with your own and other’s values 

- Managing your team and developing successful relationships


 - 1 to 1 coaching session

ONLINE 1 (2 days)

- Strategic and tactical influencing 

ONLINE 2 (1 day)

- Building a strong commercial mindset and effective negotiations 


 - 1 to 1 coaching session

RESIDENTIAL 2  (2 days) 

- Presenting yourself and your case with impact 

- Graduation and celebrating your success. What next? 


 - 1 to 1 coaching session

 £4,500 +VAT per delegate

4 Modules with 4 Coaching Support sessions carefully sequenced throughout a 12 month programme. A blend of face to face and online learning to bring out the best in all participants.

All the tools you need to propel your employee's career.

You've hired amazingly talented and ambitious people but they are unsure they have the skills to excel. 

Your people have studied hard and have the 'know how' but now need to translate it into the workplace. 

They need to learn how to be themselves and influence people in a way that feels natural and gets real results.

£4,500 +VAT per delegate

Retain your talent and show your people you value them.

There are only 20 spaces on this year's programme. Once they are gone, they're gone. Don't miss this opportunity to nurture your talent.

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Benefits of the programme to you

Retain talent through supporting personal and career development. 

Cut the time it takes for new to the workforce employees  exploring and establishing early careers.

Your talent gains the confidence and capability to perform at work through experimenting with behaviour and bringing it back to the learning group for consideration. Receiving feedback, coaching & mentoring.

Gaining the confidence to speak up as well as the confidence to make changes to systems, process and culture.

Benefits of the programme to delegates

It shows that the company values them as people as well as their career and personal development, something which is more important with gen Z employees.

Enables them to have a safe and structured place in which to explore their leadership development whilst being supported by world-class coaches and facilitators.

A community of peers at similar stage of their career journey with which to network and learn from. 

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Meet your Facilitator

Shirley Harrington is an outstanding behavioural skills trainer, assessor, and coach. Driven throughout her career by a passion to help people learn and make a difference, she uses a powerful and engaging presentation style to skilfully create an environment in which people challenge their negative mindsets around learning.

Shirley has trained and coached people for over 25 years.  

She built upon the skills in managing behaviour and motivation by spending well over 10,000 hours assessing, analysing, and evaluating people’s performance and skills, for global recruitment programmes, and talent development programmes. These include Management Development, Leadership Development, Customer Services and for over 10 years in Banking

Facilitator Shirley Harrington Cultivate Leadership Trust

Meet your facilitator

Mandy Geal is an experienced facilitator, conference speaker, trainer and coach with 25 years working with diverse cross-cultural and multi-national teams and groups in global organisations, across more than 20 countries in four continents. 

She has extensive experience of designing and delivering programmes for leadership teams, project, and functional teams, that drive cross-functional collaboration, culture change and skills development in order to deliver business improvements and solve business problems. 

Mandy has trained and coached people in a variety of roles to improve their skills and develop their capability in sales account management, performance management, stakeholder relationship management, consulting, team leadership, innovation, HR business partnering, planning, and risk management.  

Mandy Geal coach Leadership Trust and Learning Partners

Why study with Leadership Trust

  • World-class leaders in leadership development

  • Hybrid learning with both face to face and online modules

  • Online Learning led in real-time by seasoned facilitators

  • Access to Life-Long learning platform

  • Over 45 years experience in facilitating real change