Do you remember your Leadership in Management (LM) course?

Strengthen the Application of your Learning

Leadership in Application (LA) simplifies the apparent complexity of leadership into four key messages. On this 3-day residential course you will revisit the core leadership models with hindsight and explore them in greater depth to achieve absolute clarity on how to apply them.

We'll also give you an insight to behind the scenes of the LM and help you make sense of the environment that unlocked your personal power. Then you can replicate those conditions back in your workplace and positively influence the performance of others.

Running in parallel with the quest to truly understand what leadership is, will be the clearly identified track of leadership development, so that you can consider what changes in personal attitudes and behaviours are required, to be even more effective.

Then comes the hard bit – changing behaviours that may have served you well up to this point. These parallel tracks bring us right back to Hearts and Minds. Gain understanding and knowledge with Minds. Then have the courage and tenacity to change, which requires a lot of Heart and perhaps some new, or better, skills as well.

You will:

Make sense of your LM experience and those earlier key revelations

Create conditions that enable others to perform and deliver

Develop a deep understanding of leadership practice

Strengthen confidence, self-belief, and ability to win hearts and minds to achieve a common purpose


Create your personal ‘user manual’

Use it to strengthen relationships and work effectively with others


This will lead to:

  • Quick and effective decision making 
  • Improved organisational performance 
  • Increased employee engagement and retention 
  • Improved working relations and collaboration

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